Natural Breaks for Young Carers

The Conservation Volunteers Scotland is developing a ‘Natural Break’ Programme, which will offer opportunities for young people who have a caring role within their family to participate in respite breaks focussed around outdoor experience.

• A safe place and environment for young carers to gain new skills and interests • Develop confidence and social skills • Confidence building • Improve physical and mental health • Achieve awards and accreditation for taking part

We would really appreciate your feedback and ideas to help make the programme a success!

The closing date for the survey is Friday 31st January 2014. All answers you give will be completely confidential. We'll put the survey responses into a report which we'll give to The Convervation Volunteers Scotland to help them design the programme.

As a thank you for your time, you can claim 25 Young Scot Reward points!

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The Conservation Volunteers help hundreds of thousands of people each year to reclaim local green places. Through their own environmental projects and through their network of 2,000 community groups, we see people – every day, and all across the UK – taking responsibility for their own local environments.

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