Public? Private?

The Scottish Government has recently made a number of improvements to Glow, Scotland’s online learning environment which supports teachers and young people aged 11-18 to:

-Develop your digital technology skills.

-Understand the values and potential risks associated with use of digital technology.

-Create and develop your own materials to support learning and teaching.

-Share your knowledge.

-Extend and build upon the knowledge and ideas of others

Glow now provides teachers and young people with access to a range of updated tools including email, document libraries, blogs, wikis and websites which can be accessed anywhere, anytime through a single log-in. We are keen to get your views on some of the key privacy issues which need to be considered when using these types of online services. The information you provide will be used to inform the Privacy Impact Assessment for Glow which is due to be published later this year.

We would like you to complete an online survey to tell us what you think to ensure that Glow is as safe and positive an environment as possible for everyone who uses it, ensuring their right to privacy is recognised and, where necessary, protected.

All answers will be confidential and we won’t be able to identify you from this information. The Survey will take around 10 minutes and you will receive 25 Young Scot Reward points for taking part!

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