Scotland's Youth Employment Summit

The Scottish Government, in partnership with the Scottish Youth Parliament and Young Scot, is holding an event on the 5th December to provide an opportunity for young people to share their experiences and ideas for increasing access to employment. Government Ministers, organisations with responsibility for providing education, training and support, as well as employers will be present to hear your feedback in order to improve services in the future.

We want to get as much feedback as possible before the event from young people (aged up to 25) who have found it difficult to get a job or are worried about what will happen once they leave education or training. Please tell us your views and ideas to improve support in the future by filling in this survey.

Once you have completed the survey, you can enter a competition to win a £50 iTunes Voucher, if you provide your email address.

Thanks for your time, and good luck!

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The devolved government for Scotland is responsible for most of the issues of day-to-day concern to the people of Scotland, including health, education, justice, rural affairs, and transport.

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