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On the 1st April 2013, all of Scotland's 8 Police Force's - Northern Constabulary, Grampian Police, Tayside Police, Central Scotland Police, Strathclyde Police, Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary, Fife Police and Lothian & Borders Police - plus the two support agencies - Scottish Crime & Drug Enforcement Agency and the Scottish Police Services Authority - will be merging into one force, which will be called "Police Scotland".

The merging of all Scottish Police Forces on 1st April 2013 provides a brilliant opportunity to look at how the Police currently work - to learn, develop and do things better. The Police need to hear about issues that affect young people, and how you think your views and opinions should influence the way the Police work and how they plan. Tell us about your experiences of the Police, and what they can do to make the new force the best it can be.

Please fill in the online survey below and tell us your views.

You can win a £50 Amazon voucher for taking part, but even better your voice will be heard loud and clear, directly influencing how Police Scotland will work in the future.

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On the 1st April 2013, all of Scotland's 8 Police Force's and 2 support agencies will be merging into one force called "Police Scotland".

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